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When Mary met Cesar!

December 4th was the Pack Tour Seminar event in Chicago! As Kansas Ambassador I was one of many invited to work the event with my husband Stan. We had a tremendous time along with Illinois Ambassador Kimberleigh Gorham, her friend Cheryl, Tara King of Chugg Entertainment and meeting Cesar once again - this time in a more intimate setting!

The seminar was incredible. I was able to pick up some new techniques, and watching Cesar work with local dogs and owners was the highlight for me. We have attended seminars in Oklahoma City and St. Louis. This was all new material, use of problem owners and their dogs showing rehabilitation techniques, the power of energy, visualization with intent, and how to apply these principles. Cesar was witty, delivered the audience a three hour educational seminar focused on fulfilling the dog, foundation of Cesar's Way, and addressed the 5 Canine Misbehaviors as outlined in his new Mastering Leadership DVD.

If you ever have the chance to go to the Pack Tour Seminar, you really owe it to yourself to make it!

Touring the US in 2010-watch for updates on

Thanks to Ambassador Program Director CJ Anderson and Millan Foundation Stacey Candella for this incredible opportunity. We had a lovely time and the seminar was awesome!



The Millan Foundation Programs

The Millan Foundation has helped and support the rescue and rehabilitation of rescue dogs across the country. We wish to send a huge THANK YOU to the foundation for educational materials supplied to our adopters through:

Shelter Stars Program

Spay Neuter is nothing to Whisper About Program

SHAPE Program

Muttigrees Humane Education Program

The Foundation has helped shelters and Rescue organizations throughout the country with grants to further their work. Creating balance for last chance dogs such as ours is the mainstay of our GWP Rescue, Inc program. Reaching out into our communities to help owners, shelters and dogs has become a rewarding experience.

We attribute the success of our program with Cesar's exercise, discipline, and affection formula. Setting rules, boundaries, and limitations to dogs coming into our program along with using Cesar's philosophy and methodology as outlined in his books andDVD's, many wirehaired pointers have gone on to live wonderful lives! 

"A Member of the Family" is our Bible when it comes to our canines needing direction and a second chance. Adopters of shelter pups and dogs have charts and graphs outlining common misbehaviors with solutions along with a guide on pg. 67 on "how" to bring your new family member home!

"Be the Pack Leader" is our training manual for foster homes, adopters, and those seeking guidance to improving their skills as Pack Leaders.

The New Book "How to Raise the Perfect Dog" is a must have for those with puppies and young dogs.