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Fundraising and Volunteers

Would you like to know how to help GWP Rescue, Inc?

We desperately need foster homes. If YOU can help, please complete and submit our Foster Home Application form.

Please see the below links and use them. All generate funds for our GWP's in foster care. Use your credit card to make a donation or with Paypal. All donations are totally tax deductible. We appreciate your help.

We also need people that can do many things, such as promote our sites, do assessments, transport a needy dog to a foster home. If interested in becoming a foster home, please contact us for info and a packet of information.

Maybe your talent is fund raising?  How about doing a fundraiser in your town for GWP Rescue, Inc. If you have an event you could help us, please let us know. We have materials to distribute to benefit our rescue. Maybe you have an item to put on Ebay you would like to donate? We will put it on our webpage and network to make a successful fundraising online event possible. Please email us and let us know if you would like to be involved.We sure could use the support!

GWP Rescue is also involved with Mission Fish for legitimate 501C3 public Charities. Let us know if you have an item to auction!

Sponsorship Program

We would like to announce our new Sponsorship Program!

Our schedule is:

  • $15.00 Monthly flea and heartworm treatments
  • $25.00 Pet food and supplies
  • $40.00 Provides vet medical care
  • $70.00 Spay or neuters one pet
  • $700.00 Spay or neuters ten pets

Please help with a monthly donation or sponsor a rescue!

Donations and Volunteers

We need donations/volunteers to provide the following:

  • Towels
  • Old blankets for bedding
  • Paper products
  • Volunteers to help with dog walking and rehabilitation
  • Foster homes
  • Media solicitation
  • Solicitation of companies for donations of products we use
  • Dog food/gift cards/toys
  • Flea/tick treatment products
  • Collars/leashes

We are not of unlimited resources, but do not wish to put a price on a needy dog's life.  We accept credit cards through Our recipient address is to send payment. 

No gift is too small, and we rely on your generosity.  Remember, your donation to a charity is not Tax Deductible unless the rescue organization is a 501c3 charity - which we are!

You may also send a check to: 

GWP Rescue, Inc
1408 Salem Lane
Olathe, Ks 66062

Thank you in advance for any help you can give our organization. We rely solely on donations and we will go the distance to help all GWPs we can realistically care for.