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Our Mission

German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, Inc. exists solely because of our volunteers, adopters, and all of the wonderful folks that support us. Without all of the above, so many dogs would have perished. Our dogs come into our homes directly from shelters and are frightened, confused, and needing medical care. Our transporters coordinate and sacrifice their time, gas, and work hard to move these needy GWP's into our foster homes. Once there, they learn to trust, learn to respect leadership, and how to become a family member. We use Cesar Millan's methods in our lives and for the dogs as part of their rehabilitation.

We also help owners that are having problems with their GWP's as best we can. Sometimes it just takes some patience and training to keep the dog in the home. Sometimes it is something as easy as an exercise plan, a change of food for allergies, or Pack Leadership. We find many families do not want to give up their GWP, but are at a loss of what exactly to do next. Finding a good trainer, one that understands this particular breed can help. Read our About GWPs page for more information on the German Wirehaired Pointer breed.