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GWP Rescue, Inc meets America's Vet Dr. Marty Becker 

by Mary Murray

May 16th the Big Bus rolled through Kansas City with the launch of Dr. Marty Becker's new book "Your Dog: The Owner's Manual".

Now as a follower on Facebook, Dr. Becker and his incredible writing team have embraced pet owner's questions and concerns. Dr. Becker is referred to as America's Veterinarian with good reason. As a regular on Good Morning America for the past 20 years, and  a guest on the Dr. OZ show, his fan base has flourished.,

If you "Like" Dr. Becker on Facebook, be ready for an education. He shares secrets, solutions, and money saving health tips for your pet. Want a solution for thunder storm phobia, or how bout a solution for those dogs that gulp their food thus setting them up for bloat? What task can cut your vet bills in half over the life of your pet? Well, there are a thousand more solutions, but you will have to buy the book.

A true owner's manual for seasoned owners and new owners alike, this book is unique.....and believe me I have read them all.

Meeting Dr. Becker, Gina and McKenzie was such a thrill. What I saw really surprised me, not only were they signing books, but helping those with questions on diet, grooming, taking them to the Petco shelves that held the particular recommendation. Talk about America's veterinarian...he really cared about all that he met, and without any hesitation was up out of the seat to shake someone's hand, or greet an elderly person with her dog. I was lucky enough to meet Teresa, Dr. Marty's wife, as she had joined him on tour across this vast land of ours. She was just as genuine and caring as her husband, again talking to all of us as if she had known us forever. McKenzie was of course the perfect example of a tour dog. You could see she took her job very seriously as she greeted all of the fans!

Of course I had my sidekick Baldwin, as I don't usually put photos of myself on our rescue FB page, Gina knew who I was and called my name as I waved to her. I asked her "how'd you know it was me?" All she did was point to the little liver boy standing at my feet. That made me proud, as I am such a "in love" owner of my little mill pup that has blessed my life in so many ways.

It was a thrill, and a joy to meet such an incredible team that I have gotten to know via the internet on Facebook and the website. Dr. Becker has assembled a team of writers as diverse as can be to contribute to the weekly articles published on the Pet Connection Blog. Vets such as Dr. Tony Johnson, Dr. Nancy Kay, Gina Spadafori, David S. Greene, Christie Keith, Mikkel Becker, and last but not least: (from the Pet Connection website)

The Pet Connection team

The PetConnection team provides top-quality information on pets to many different media platforms, including a weekly Pet Connection feature is distributed to newspapers internationally by the Universal Uclick as well as television, including "Good Morning America" and "The Dr. Oz Show," Web sites, radio, magazines and our weblog. Here are the experts behind the bylines:

Dr. Tony Buffington | Dr. Robin Downing| Dr. Michael Dryden | Dr. Laurie Hess | Dr. Tony Johnson
Dr. Nancy Kay | Dr. Richard LeCouteur |Dr. Susan Little | Dr. Timothy C. McCarthy | Dr. Fred Metzger
Dr. Jacqui Neilson | Dr. Gregory K. Ogilvie | Dr. Jon Plant | Dr. Narda Robinson

Ericka Basile | Mary Cvetan | Phyllis DeGioia | Ingrid King
Therese Kopiwoda | Arden Moore | Liz Palika | Kim Campbell Thornton

So, join in on the Pet Connection blogs and you can learn a lot as a pet owner, and animal lover.Get the book, you won't be disappointed.




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Urgent foster homes needed!

We need foster homes to Please step up for us....we have some urgent situations and some very sweet foster pups! I have some babies coming in...tiny babies and need some help!  Thanks! Please call 913-602-9124 or best to email or use the contact form.


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