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GWPs Available for Adoption

Please follow all the instructions on the Adopting a GWP page.  You must read and sign/print your name on the application form to state that you totally understand the article About GWPs.  This information is critical for you to make a choice on whether to adopt a GWP or not.  

Under NO circumstances will we rehome a GWP with cats, birds or other small furry creatures. You must also have a fence..remember to do your homework on this breed before considering adoption.  They are tremendous family pets, but have genetic hardwired tendencies to hunt fur as well as feathers.  GWPs need a tremendous amount of exercise, daily outings and lots of mental stimulation.  If you are gone long hours...this is not the breed for you.


KY/TN AREA Critical need-Crosspost contact INFO BELOW

GWP's in immediate Need-TN/KY area shelter

Updated 9 minutes ago
These two two year old males are in critical need for adoption...Stray hold is up Tomorrow, Friday 3/28. And will be available for adoption. The shelter is full, so we are reaching out to GWP Lovers for help on this one.

Montgomery County Animal Control
Kristen Blair
P: 931-648-5750


Gabriel is a young male GWP in rescue in GA. We have been asked to courtesy is the contact info for you!

Location 327 Ashley St., Valdosta, Georgia 31601
Contact Info
Phone (229) 460-2954


Emaciated Male pup new to rescue....

this boy is also new to rescue...he is terribly emaciated, and we are rehabbing him just now. So far his only issue seems to be extreme emaciation, hw neg...and will receive the rest of his shots when vets feel he has put on enough weight. In foster near Dallas, our foster home gt him on euthanasia day. Foster homes are the vital process of any rescue.


Betsy-1-2 years 

Betsy is a 1-2 year old gwp pup that just came into rescue. She has a thyroid issue we are working on. She has a potential home already....but getting to know her. Kansas foster