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So you think you want a GWP?

Read Cesar Millan's advice on finding the right dog to adopt here

Read the below text carefully!

When considering a GWP there are issues that one must consider.

Are you able to provide the exercise requirements?
GWP's require a lot of exercise, beyond the back yard. They require daily outings into the environment. They respond well to the walk on leash, as this establishes Pack Leadership. Younger dogs love running, biking, rollerblading. They love long walks in the field to explore and to stimulate their innate desire bred within them.
Are you willing to listen to and continue their rehabilitation training established in the foster home? 
We work very hard to assess our foster dogs, know them well, and provide the potential home with information exclusive to that paticular dog. These dogs are used to a structured atmosphere, a schedule of exercise, and mental stimulation. Our foster dogs are NOT kept in outdoor kennels, but within our homes. How else could an adoption agency say they are a "good family pet" other wise. Truth is they can't!
Do your research
Online articles provide some general information on the German Wirehaired Pointer, however.....all dogs are viewed as Animal, Species, Breed, Name. This meaning while all dogs have innate characteristics of the breed, they have different energy levels. We match the energy level of the dog to the energy level of the home. Never adopt a dog or bring a dog into the home with a higher energy level than yourself or the current dogs in the household. Don't expect a GWP to tolerate a cat, or other small furry creature. This is unfair and a recipe for failure!
Few Rescue GWP's are hunters
I cannot tell you how many inquiries I get from folks that think all GWP's will be tremendous in the field  just because they are of that particular breed. Not true! 
Most of the GWP's we get into rescue have been traumatized by trainers/owners that think these dogs are labs, or shorthairs. They simply cannot be trained the same way. We recommnd a reputable breeder if you want a hunting dog.
Be prepared to have a sense of humor, patience, and willing to go the distance
Younger GWP's when not mentally stimulated will find something within their environment to do. And this is many times not what we would like them to do to amuse themselves. This is our fault as owners, not the dog's. 
This breed needs a strong Pack Leader. As an Ambassador for Cesar Millan, I strongly recommend the books, "Be the Pack Leader", "A Member of the Family", and the Mastering Leadership series DVD's. As these techniques work for all dogs, the GWP responds well this structured way of Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations...Exercise, Discipline, and then affection. This is one breed that for the most part will take over with a wishy-washy owner.
They need clear, consistent guidelines.....and a routine of exercise, brisk walks, and obedience training to bond.
Poor behavior, rudeness, not being made to sit when answering the door, ect. are behaviors one must address. Educate yourself, before adopting.Get Cesar's new Book,"A Member of the Family" which is geared towards rescue and adoption. It will provide you with solutions to common problems, how to find a Reputable "licensed" rescue, how to select a dog from the shelter. It is vital to the success of your new addition into the family.
So I filled out an application, what's next?
Your application will be viewed and we will email or call you with the results. Please provide your email address on the application! We have specific criteria for our breed, and will fit the home to the dog. We have protocol and requirements in place to insure the best fit for our rescue dogs and adopters. The foster homes are very familiar with this breed, and know the dogs intimately.  These dogs are rescues, therefore we place them into loving homes that will accommodate the specific needs of the dog. Do not expect the rescue GWP to be a hunter. Unless specific history is known, we simply will not do this. 90% of our GWPs have been dumped into shelters for this reason. We suggest you seek out a reputable breeder if you are wanting a dog to hunt.
Will I need a fenced yard?

The answer to this is definitely "yes". GWP's are very curious, and still have a prey drive genetically "hard-wired" into their makeup. We do not adopt to homes with cats or small toy breeds in most cases, as they will hunt whether it be a squirrel, chipmunk,  the family cat or little scruffy. They will without a fence, get a scent, and just like the Energizer Bunny will just keep going. We require a secure fence for the safety of our Rescue dogs and pups.

What are the specifics of this breed?

There are many articles on GWP's on the internet. However, we suggest you read "About the Breed" and "GWP Origins and Temperament" page.  

What we have found with our rescues is this
They do best in homes with older "respectful" children. GWP's that have grown up with  children in a household with strong leadership, consistent rules, boundaries, and limitations may do well with children ages eight and above. The foster home may have more detailed information on each particular dog. Please read the articles of Cesar Millans on Pack Leadership. We use Cesar's methods exclusively, as this breed thrives on consistent leadership and routine. Our homes must subscribe to the same type of Pack Leadership, to insure a successful adoption. Click on the above links for all info, and buy the book Cesar's Way.
GWPs often times have same sex aggression. In our foster homes, we do not mix males/males or females/females...ever!  We do our best to assess dogs in our foster homes for many factors, and do make exceptions only when there are special circumstances. Sometimes you have a middle of the road GWP that does well with other dogs of the same sex, but this is rare.
Some GWP's can slow to housebreak, or sometimes in the adult dogs it can be overnight. We do suggest consistent crate training, and letting them out frequently sometimes for several months is necessary, especially with a puppy.
Adoption fees and Transportation
Our procedure is fairly simple and straight forward.
1.) Adoption application and photos of the environment
2.) Our committee reviews the application and we will contact the applicant
3.) If approved we will check references
4.) We WILL do home visits so please have accurate information on your application.
5.) The adopter is responsible for the adoption fee of $250-$400. plus the transportation costs. Remember, your new pet will come fully vetted, microchipped, spay/neutered, groomed, crate trained, trained in basic obedience and leash trained. 
GWP Rescue, Inc is affiliated with some of the most well respected agencies in the United States. We pride ourselves as being experts in rehabilitation of the German Wirehaired Pointer. We have tremendous resources available to us, and many wonderful sponsors.
If a dog is in a shelter near us, we would be happy to do an assessment for a small donation. There are few people in the US that ARE AS WELL VERSED as our rehabilitation experts in the breed.