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 A note from our Founder and President:

"GWP Rescue, Inc has been around for 15 years now. Licensed and 501c3 in 2003, we have strived to save as many GWP's, mixes and Drahthaars as we could possibly care for. We have had some incredible volunteers that have made it possible. In the past year, we have lost three of our most beloved Board members, Stan Murray, Roger Wymer and Bob Gandy. All  gone way too soon, and we miss them terribly. We have gone through some tough times and restructuring this past year. 

As we get back on our feet, to our mission....and resume life, we appreciate all the notes, letters of concern, and hope. We have new dogs in need on the site and hope you find someone you are looking to add to your life. Thank you all for your patience. Please email for all info, as our application form and foster form are not working correctly and we do not wish to miss your inquiry."

Mary Murray

GWP Rescue, Inc


Our Coffee Table Book is here!

We are very excited about the publication of our beautiful coffee table book made up of photos of GWPs from around the world, all submitted by owners.  This stunning 80 page hard cover book, pays tribute to this amazing breed through photos of GWPs in action doing what they love most whether that be working, training or being a faithful companion.

The book is divided into four sections: Puppies, Family Dog, Rescue Dog and Working Dog.  With the Introduction written by renowned pet author Gina Spadafori and each foreword written by a GWP expert this book is a wonderful keepsake or present for any dog owner or lover.

All money raised from the sale of the book will be used to help rehabilitate and rehome GWPs in need through GWP Rescue Inc. We would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this book including everyone who took the time to send in photos - we tried to use as many as possible.

You can view and buy the book here and delivery is made from the States and Europe.  



German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, Inc. (GWP Rescue) is a licensed, insured, NO-KILL 501c3 non-profit public charity that formed due to the rising number of German Wirehaired Pointers and mixes being euthanized in shelters in the Midwest and other areas of the US. Please email us using the contact form tab. 

About GWP Rescue Inc.

We are an independent working organization based ONLY in Olathe, Ks and we are NOT affiliated with any Breed Club or other GWP Rescue organization.

We hold a Shelter Home license in Ks, an Animal Care Facility License in MO and now Nebraska.

We work with shelters and other legitimate 501c3 rescue agencies to preserve, protect and rehabilitate GWPs that deserve the chance of a better life. 

If you are interested in adopting a GWP then we would love to hear from you.  Please take some time to read the information on this website, in particular About GWPsAdopting a GWP and the application process.  If you still feel that you are able to offer one of these very special dogs a loving forever home then please fill out an adoption application form and send it to us and we will be in touch.  

We are always looking for good foster homes and we would love to hear from you if you are able to become a foster family.  Again please read the information on the website carefully and complete and send us the foster application form and we will be in touch. 

GWP Rescue In does not have unlimited resources, but we don't wish to put a price on a needy dog's life.  If you would like to make a donation or support us through volunteer work or sponsorship then we (and the dogs!) would be very grateful!

If you would just like to get in touch with us then please do so via the contact form. Thank you!

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 How you can help

Fundraiser in Progress!

One of the best products with hundreds purchased by our 2300+ followers on FB and all feedback being so positive are the Calming Collars @ ...Use the Code GWPRescue at checkout and receive a 10% discount. They truly work! One of the best products to help our furkids relax we have ever used! These are a must for dogs with storm phobia, stress going to the vet, or any situation where fido needs a bit of calming!


You can help us by donating even a small amount of money via the donate button below.


Our Team


A Tribute to Buddy

On 12/30/2010 we lost Buddy, the founding GWP of our Organization. Buddy was lost to an aggressive form of Canine Cancer-Hemangiosarcoma. 

Please see our Tribute to Buddy here.







GWP Rescue Inc Team

Mary Murray
Susan Gandy
Michie Burmeister
Janet Fast
Nicola Wise and Chris Sturt

Janice and Keith Wade

Mark and Rosemary Trarbach

and many volunteers too numerous to name! Thank you for your help and involvement with our events, fundraising, and giving of your time.